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'Anti-social' cockerel waking Selhurst street at 5.30am everyday

'Anti-social' cockerel waking Selhurst street at 5.30am everyday

An "anti-social" cockerel is depriving a Selhurst street of sleep by crowing at the crack-of-dawn, a neighbour has claimed.

Adelaide Moran, 34, who lives on Prince Road, has been woken at 5.30am for the last two weeks by the bird's signature cock-a-doodle-do.

With the help of her partner she has narrowed down the rooster's suspected location to just a few homes, but the Council can only act when she provides an exact address.

Ms Moran said: "I don't bear a grudge against the rooster, but I do against the people who think this is appropriate in a heavily urbanised area.

"It's a massive anti-social problem, which is damaging community cohesion.

"People who work nights are woken from vital sleep by really loud crowing. Prolonged noise pollution can lead to serious mental health issues.

"The owners probably wake up at 5.30am, so it's an alarm clock rather than a problem."

By pounding the streets and speaking to fellow bird-sufferers, Ms Moran concluded the bird lives on nearby Holmesdale Road, as the street's gardens back onto their property.

"The Council won't help unless I find the house number," Ms Moran said.

"I've been asking around on the street - some people think I'm a nutter, others agree it's driving them mad."

The couple emphasised the deafening volume of the crow, which is said to drown out aeroplanes and create more noise than even 30,000 football fans travelling to nearby Selhurst Park.

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