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Call to tackle parking problems on Barnet street

Call to tackle parking problems on Barnet street

Neighbours are calling for parking restrictions on their street amid fears new developments could worsen already heavy congestion.

People living in Eversleigh Road, Finchley Central, said they struggle to park near their homes as commuters and businesses take up spaces on the street.

Many of the neighbours want the council to introduce permit parking, which operates on several nearby roads, to tackle the problems.

Duncan Parsons, who lives in Eversleigh Road, said on Thursday (September 5) during a Finchley and Golders Green Area Committee meeting that new developments planned for the area could make the problems even worse.

Transport for London recently unveiled a massive scheme to build more than 600 flats at Finchley Central Underground Station.

Mr Parsons said: “For the elderly and people with children, there is just no ability to park. We need to do something about it.

“Developments are increasing the pressure on parking on residential roads.”

Mr Parsons said he had raised the issues with the council but had not been given any clear details of what it would do to tackle the problems.

Philip Hoare, the council’s head of parking and infrastructure, said: “Lots of these requests come up. It could be a specific street, or developments that have impacts on lots of streets.

“If you deal with one or two streets, the neighbouring streets can inherit the problems.”

Mr Hoare said the council was already working on a three-year programme aimed at dealing with the parking problems in the Finchley Central area.

He said he expected the first “lines and signs” to go up in at the start of the next financial year in April.

Mr Hoare said controlled parking zones would be rolled out in stages so the scheme could be kept under review and any problems dealt with as they arise.

Cllr Grocock told Mr Parsons he would be invited to speak at the next meeting of Finchley and Golders Green area committee on October 17.

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