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Greenwich council to 'increase to parking fines' to prevent illegal parking

Greenwich council to 'increase to parking fines' to prevent illegal parking

Greenwich has seen and increase in people parking their cars illegally in the last few years.

The Council has been issuing more parking fines than ever before with 42,400 in the last financial year alone, and has significantly increased the number of enforcement officers on the streets since Christmas. Based on current patterns the council expect the number of parking fines this financial year to increase by approximately 50 per cent.

The Council is committed to maintaining its level of enforcement officers but there are other deterrents we can use to stop people parking illegally.

One of these ways is to increase the cost of a penalty charge notice.

This would only impact people who choose to park illegally. Illegal parking reduces available and much needed parking space and, in some instances, causes unnecessary congestion or creates dangerous conditions for other road users.

Where does the money from parking tickets actually go?

Any income from parking fines is ring fenced and can only be spent on funding provision of the service, maintaining roads, transport related schemes etc.

In Greenwich any surplus is currently used as a contribution towards subsidising Freedom Passes which allow older and disabled people to travel for free.

What is illegal parking?

Some examples of illegal parking include when people park their vehicles on the footway, zig zag markings, double and single yellow lines, or in disabled parking bays without a Blue Badge.
This is inconsiderate as well as illegal as it often puts others in danger.

Illegal parking on footways, as well as being illegal, blocks the way of people pushing their children in buggies, disabled people in wheelchairs and elderly people reliant on walking frames and can force them off the footway and into the road.

Greenwich council want to know what you think about illegal parking - Click here to voice your issues.

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