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Heroic ambulance worker jobless after lifting too many patients

Heroic ambulance worker jobless after lifting too many patients
A heroic ambulance worker is now jobless and depressed after developing a hernia from lifting too many patients.

Malcolm Conlan, 48, has saved three lives during his career but is no longer providing for his family after an emergency operation.

His exhausted wife, who also has a hernia, juggles two jobs and the couple support Malcolm’s mum, who has cancer, as well as their autistic son, 21.

Miserable Malcolm, who lives in Bromley, spent four years carrying patients on stretchers to and from hospitals.

He has known about the inguinal hernia on his left side for a year but feared an operation would leave him broke and unemployed.

His nightmare is now a reality after a concerned colleague drove him to A&E during an agonising shift on the August bank holiday weekend.

Surgeons operated immediately to remove the hernia and Malcolm has since been told he can never heavy lift again.

"I’m completely stranded," he said. "Bread winner is an old-fashioned term, but I can’t contribute to bills any longer.

"It has only been a week and I have already built up some rent arrears."

The desperate dad, who has never been out of work for long, is now scrounging off £94 per week of Statutory Sick Pay, something he is entitled to for 28 weeks.

He is in constant pain and said his mental health has deteriorated after the devastating blow.

"It has affected me badly," he said. "I love going to work and love my job, but I can’t do it anymore.

"To be honest I am finding myself to be very depressed."

The former ambulance employee earned £350 a week doing the job he adored.

He grafted for private company, Harley Street Ambulance Service, and said his role involved hauling patients (who he said are getting fatter) up several flights of stairs.

His desire to help others was sparked when he saved three lives after becoming the emergency first aid responder at the London Eye.

This gig came about after he successfully campaigned for a defibrillator to be kept at the popular tourist attraction.

Malcolm bears no malice towards his employers for how his life has spiralled and said he was "stupid" not to have an operation sooner.

"I put my health at risk," Malcolm, who is also a father to a 23-year-old daughter, said. "But realistically I would never have got my job back."

Malcolm does not know how his family will cope financially and has started a GoFundMe page in a frantic plea for help.

"I just don’t know what to do," Malcolm concluded. "I feel utterly useless."

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