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John Green keeps AFC Wimbledon stadium hopes alive

John Green keeps AFC Wimbledon stadium hopes alive
John Green sporting his Wimbledon attire

A "significant investment" from superstar supporter John Green has put AFC Wimbledon on the road to a Plough Lane return.

The world-renowned author backed the club's crowdfunding campaign to put the Dons past the £2 million mark.

The best-selling author who penned The Fault In Our Stars, said: "For decades, AFC Wimbledon fans have been singing: 'Show me the way to Plough Lane’.

“I'm pleased to join the many loyal supporters who've come together to show their solidarity and support for their club. It's an astonishing achievement to raise over £2million to help take the club home.

“Wimbledon fans have shown the world it's possible for a football club owned by its fans to be run successfully and prudently, and now they're showing the world the way home. I'm very, very proud to be able to contribute to this extraordinary club's next chapter.

"This isn't solely about building a new stadium. This is something far more symbolic, a message to football that true supporters are capable of great things. Together, they can move mountains."

The club's chief executive, Joe Palmer, was delighted to hit the mark with a little less than a month of the campaign still to go.

"This proves how much Plough Lane means to everyone,” he said.

"The heartbeat of our club has always been our fans. They're a shining example of what supporters can achieve and I can only say two million 'thank yous' to each and every one of them."

But the £2 million mark is more significant than just a nice round number.

That milestone was the minimum amount needed to make the project - worth £30 million in total - happen.

"Our fans have always been there for this club whenever it's really mattered," Mr Palmer added.
"We mustn't ease off, though. The more we can raise, the less we will have to borrow to pay for the new stadium. It's as simple as that.

"The maximum we are legally allowed to raise via crowdfunding is £7million - so let's make that our next target."

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