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Shaun Bailey proposes how to tackle Barnet burglary epidemic

Shaun Bailey proposes how to tackle Barnet burglary epidemic

Conservative London Mayor candidate says more detectives are needed to crack down on rising burglary rates.

Shaun Bailey, a Conservative candidate for London Mayor in the 2020 elections, said that Sadiq Khan must release the funds to hire 800 more detectives to fight against the capital’s burglary epidemic.

The candidate made the call after talking with Edgware Conservative councillor Sarah Wardle and three Barnet burglary victims who spoke about their experiences of being burgled.

Mr Bailey suggested that the new officers could be funded by cutting £83 million from self-serving PR and promotion functions, union perks and bureaucracy at City Hall.

He said: “Burglaries in Barnet are up 18 per cent over the past three years and it’s leaving a trail of frightened residents.

“We all know about the shocking increase in knife crime, but residential burglaries are up across London. Burglary is London’s hidden crime epidemic.”

“I was told by Barnet’s victims that burglars are striking in broad daylight. Thankfully in the stories J heard no-one was at home, but in other cases in Barnet machete wielding criminals have struck.”

“These are shocking stories just by themselves, but it’s even worse when Sadiq Khan has the money to hire 800 detectives through the savings I have highlighted in my Bailey Crime Plan.”

This comes after neighbours on Winnington Road, in Hampstead Garden Suburb, have hired private security firms to tackle crimes as they claim the Metropolitan Police is not dealing with the problems effectively.

One resident of Winnington Road said that many neighbours had given up on reporting crimes to the police, because they did not seem to catch the criminals.

During Mr Bailey’s meeting, he was also informed that the Barnet victims were considering private security firms to protect themselves.

Mr Bailey also noted that burglary rates typically peak in the autumn months due to it getting darker earlier, making autumn a peak burglary season.

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