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Top tips for getting kids back into the school routine

Top tips for getting kids back into the school routine

Several kids went back to school this week after what some parents may consider a very long six-week break.

Getting back into a routine can often be a struggle for both parents and children after almost two months of freedom.

So, to ensure a smooth transition out of bed and into the classroom, outdoor education and adventure provider, Kingswood, has shared its top tips:

Set an alarm

While it might be tempting to let your child sleep in during the holidays, it will only result in getting them up for school becoming a struggle.

Instead, get their body clock used to waking at the same time each day, this will do wonders for their energy levels too.


While kids are at school, they are put in lots of different situations which involves working different parts of their brain and body.

Not only will they be working on their problem solving skills in science and maths but they will also be unleashing their creative side in English and art.

Get them ready to switch on these different parts of their brain by breaking up the day with different tasks and activities.

Instead of letting them sit in front of the TV all day, encourage them to play football with their friends in the park, or complete a colouring book.

Mind games

Just like our bodies, our mind needs exercising too, and if your child has been on the lazier side this summer, it’s likely that classroom life will be pretty exhausting.

Get their brain working analytically by encouraging them to do crosswords, sudoku and word searches.

Make a meal of it

We all know that when we’re at home it is easy to eat at different times throughout the day and snack absent-mindedly on biscuits or crisps.

This can be detrimental to their health, leading to overeating and skipping meals. While it isn’t always easy, try to stick to set mealtimes throughout the day, including a variety of colours and food groups on their plates.

This will mean that they are ready to have breakfast each morning to set them up for the day ahead, before tucking into a healthy lunch, and dinner.


We often have to do things we don’t want to do and this is the same at school. While children may hate history or detest PE - they still need to learn these subjects.

By preparing them to persevere with tasks they may not enjoy it will stand them in good stead for the academic year ahead and will also benefit you too.

Another great way to prepare is taking part in a residential like Kingswood Camps. You’ll get to try new activities, make new friends and learn invaluable skills that will set you up for life.
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