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  • Petts Wood family to run half marathon for The Maypole Project

Petts Wood family to run half marathon for The Maypole Project

Petts Wood family to run half marathon for The Maypole Project

A dad whose life changed after his son was born with a traumatic brain injury is running a half marathon for a charity that helped his family through.

Sasha, 10 next month, is unable to walk, talk or sit unaided and requires 24-7 care.

His father, Martin Georgiev, is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October and has already raised more than £1,700 for The Maypole project in Orpington.

He will be joined by brother in law, Luke, and future brother in law, Ben, and said the support from family members was "invaluable".

Martin spoke to News Shopper about how his son’s birth affected him and his wife.

"It was quite hard and is still hard," he said. "It was four weeks in hospital before we could go home and afterwards Sasha was different to other children.

"With brain injuries you get irritation afterwards and he could cry for 18 hours a day and he was so difficult to get to sleep, the smallest sound would wake him up.

"We were exhausted at the beginning."

Martin sought the help of The Maypole Project when the family moved to Petts Wood five years ago.
"I was really struggling at the time," Martin said. "I said to my wife I need to get counselling."

By this time Martin and Kate had another child and The Maypole Project, a charity helping children with complex medical needs, gave free counselling sessions to the Georgiev's.

"I was getting really angry with everyone," he said. "I can’t explain it, but I was getting really down.
"They (The Maypole Project) had volunteers who you could talk to.

"Going in and telling a stranger the whole story beginning to end felt really good. They made us feel really welcome."

Martin said he is now a better dad and husband and is no longer angry.

He said the reaction to the fundraiser ahead of the marathon was "amazing" and said he hopes to raise another £2,000 if possible.

"We are so pleased," he added. "We want Maypole to do well because they do so much for us and other families."

Martin now has three children and he spoke about Sasha’s infectious personality.

"He has a really good sense of humour and likes when people do silly things," he laughed. "Sasha likes when someone falls, or something goes wrong.

"He likes magicians and is getting one for his birthday.

"He is genuinely happy and likes to laugh and to people watch. Going to Bluewater is a great day out for him."

Sasha, who has been to Disney Land four times, was initially sceptical about his parents having more children.

"There is a photo of when his sister arrived and he is genuinely upset that she is in the photo," dad Martin laughed.

"He loves them now though."

Little Sasha also has a best friend at school, Joshua, and Martin said they are "lovely together" and communicate non verbally.

The Maypole Project receives no government funding and the marathon takes place on October 13, which you can support here https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=TheGeorgievsandFamily&isTeam=true

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