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Susan Forever: Couple set up project after daughter drowns

Susan Forever: Couple set up project after daughter drowns

An inspiring Italian American couple whose daughter drowned have started a project after saving a child's life in Orpington.

Little Susan Delgado died aged just two after drowning in the family’s pool in Orlando, Florida in April of 2017.

Parents Alex and Ester slumped into depression and decided to move to England where they devoted themselves to music.

However, the "feeling of pain was irreversible" and a near tragedy at Tesco in Orpington sparked an opportunity.

Alex told News Shopper: "The project was born in Orpington when we helped to save a baby’s life.
"From there we found the purpose of our life."

The pair were in Tesco when they noticed a child in a baby stroller had lost their senses and became unconscious.

They quickly informed the child’s mother and guided her through the process of resuscitation.

Alex and Ester knew what to do because of instructions given to them by firemen after the death of their daughter.

Thankfully the child began to breathe again, and the couple said it inspired them to set up Susan Forever.

They moved back to America to open an institution where they use music to guide and comfort people.

The couple play music for free in hospitals, churches and schools and use resources to help people through the painful process of loss.

Their musical family band will also play in several cities, starting in Florida, to raise awareness and honour child drowning victims.

Susan Forever: Couple set up project after daughter drowns

"Our Susan would never return, but we want to keep alive everything that she taught us in these two years," Alex and Ester said.

"Sweetness, joy, layout, hugs, caresses and family union are the essence of this project, but above all we want to disseminate knowledge and with our experience allow other children could be saved in time and live intensely, as well as our daughter lived in his short passage."

Every hour 40 people die by drowning, representing 372,000 deaths annually, according to the World Health Organisation.

Youngsters heavily make up the numbers and it is one of the leading causes of deaths among children.

Alex and Ester plan to kickstart Susan Forever, a non-profit initiative, in October and they hope to use their struggle and pain to help prevent more children dying from drowning.

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