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Beckenham Bee Killer: Suspect reported to authorities

Beckenham Bee Killer: Suspect reported to authorities

A young man has deliberately killed "thousands" of bees in Bromley, worried locals have claimed.
News Shopper understands police are aware of the suspect after he was reported for acting suspiciously in Beckenham.

One resident, Lisa, who didn’t want her full name used, told News Shopper she has spotted the "hooded man" almost daily by Elmers End Station.

"I’ve seen him for the last five weeks while it’s been lovely and hot," she said. "He hunches over the bridge looking in bushes.

"He is grabbing in the bushes and my nephew saw him with a plastic bottle grabbing bees and standing there shaking it.

"He had one bottle in his pocket and the other was three quarters full."

Lisa claimed the suspect is sometimes present three times a day and has reported her concerns to relevant authorities including the RSPCA.

"He must have killed thousands of bees in his time," she added. "No way could they survive in a plastic bottle in the heat.

"He doesn’t have gloves on either so must have been stung a few times. God know how many bees he has killed.

"Bees are obviously good for us and we could do without someone catching them and putting them in a container."

News Shopper understands the suspect may be aged between 18-22.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team sare aware of him and people have been advised to call 999 if they spot anyone acting suspiciously around bees.

One source, who has spoken to the suspect, told News Shopper: "He was killing bees by putting them in a bottle for days on end."

We have contacted Bromley Police for more information about the suspected Beckenham Bee Killer.

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