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Woman groped on Lewisham Way, New Cross, speaks out

Woman groped on Lewisham Way, New Cross, speaks out

A brave young woman from Brockley has opened up about confronting a man who groped her on the street in a bid to get women to speak up about sexual assault.

Maddison Crayford, originally from Bath, told News Shopper a man put his hand up her shorts while she was walking through New Cross during the baking hot weather last week.

“I was minding my own business. It was really nice and sunny.

“I had slowed down to reply to a text message on my phone and didn’t even acknowledge anyone.

“Next thing I know, this guy has got his hands up the back of my shorts.”

The 24-year-old, who works in the fashion industry, added the incident took her completely by surprise.
“I was quite taken aback by the whole thing. Initially I was quite frightened to say anything and approach him. You don’t know what anyone is capable of.”

But after realising the man didn’t appear to be carrying any weapons, Maddison decided it was safe to confront him.

“I immediately called him out on it. He found it quite amusing and was laughing.”

Furious at his reaction, Maddison told News Shopper how she crossed the street and called 101 to report the incident as the man walked into a pharmacy on Lewisham Way.

“Before I even explained it they sent two police cars to the pharmacy and arrested him.”

Although she was pleased with the quick police response, Maddison described her frustration at the incident.

“Initially I was quite upset about what happened. Now I’m just angry,” she said.
“It’s absurd having to deal with it at all. I’ve had enough if it.”

After her ordeal, Maddison posted a description of the incident on the I Love SE4 Facebook Group.

“There are so many girls commenting saying, ‘this happened to me as well’ but they’re saying they didn’t report it,” she told News Shopper.

“It feels quite small and unnecessary. I even I thought it was an inconvenience to report it but [police] reassured me and said it’s never ‘too small’.”

Maddison now wants to spread the word that women should not feel ashamed or embarrassed to report incidents like this to police.

“Stand up for yourself and be brave,” she said.

A Met Police spokesman confirmed an arrest had been made. News Shopper is waiting for an update on the incident.

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