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Maya Pub in South Harrow has licence hours reduced following review

Maya Pub in South Harrow has licence hours reduced following review

A pub that was subject to an environmental health review managed to keep its licence but has seen its opening hours cut.

The Maya Pub, in Shaftesbury Parade, Shaftesbury Avenue, South Harrow, can now only serve alcohol until 11.30pm – as opposed to 1am - on Fridays on Saturdays.

Harrow Council’s licensing panel also imposed several new conditions, including the introduction of an ID scanner, a limit to the number of people using the smoking area after 9pm and additional staff training.

The panel also noted that the pub’s CCTV must be in working order and footage will be provided to the police where necessary.

A logbook detailing incidents - including the refusal of alcohol sales - must also be kept on-site and made available.

The decisions came following a review application from the council’s environmental health team, which cited “serious concerns” about the pub’s management.

“There’s been a series of continual challenges and issues relating to the management of this premises,” said officer John Rattray at the review.

“We are disappointed by the loss of vision - officers have been very open with their advice and their general concerns.

“We remain disillusioned and our confidence has been affected by a seeming disregard to our approaches.”

He outlined a several complaints against the pub relating to late-night noise, as well as several incidents when the police were called, including one in which an officer was assaulted.

Representatives from the Met said the pub had “failed in their duties to contribute positively to the area in which they work”.

The pub’s management team said it intends to appeal to a more family-orientated audience through a new Nepalese menu and a Sunday roast offering.

Its counsel, Duncan Craig, suggested that a reduction in hours would have a detrimental effect on the business.

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